Core Company Services

Project Management

The Project Management department deals with the initiation, planning, execution, controlling and closing of work for a project to achieve its specific goals and meet specific success criteria for all the phases of projects in the built industry.

Geotechnical Engineering

The Geotechnical department conducts investigations and designs for the development of structures, housing developments, landfill, infrastructure, etc. Geotechnical Engineering investigations provide invaluable insight into subsurface conditions and their potential impact on a proposed project. The value of a properly conducted geotechnical investigation results in conditions that could have an adverse impact on proposed projects can be addressed during design and cost-estimating phases, instead of attracting variation orders during construction phase.

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering department is concerned with the research, planning, design, construction, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, rehabilitation and demolition of permanent and temporary structures, as well as structural systems and their components. It also considers the technical, economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects of structures.

Road Pavement And Road Rehabilitation Design

Our Roads Department offers a spectrum of activities required for the successful design of a new road including centre line surveys, route location, quarry material investigation and pavement layer works design of new roads, geometric design, design of high fills, deep cuts and drainage structures. Road rehabilitation designs also form a substantial portion of our road designs.

Bulk And Reticulation Systems

Our infrastructure department offers services in investigation, planning, design and implementation of water, stormwater and sewer networks in both urban and rural settings. The services offered include the design of reservoirs, water / sewer mains, dams and pump stations.

Structural Integrity Assessments

Our structural assessment services involve conducting structural monitoring, periodic measurement of displacement, strains, stresses, damage evaluation and vibration characteristics with the objective of detecting the changes that could have occurred in the structure. Structural integrity assessment is a process of determining the reliability of an existing structure to carry current and future loads and fulfil the task for a given time period.

Labour Intensive Design

Projects undertaken by Prana Consulting have a substantial labour intensive construction element in support of the Government's Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). The labour intensive element of projects is included in the planning, design and procurement phase of the projects to ensure its efficient implementation during construction phase.