Extended Services Offered In Collaboration With Consortium Partners

Township Development

Township Development Department offers a one stop solution for township development services. Township establishment is a complex process of converting land into residential, commercial or industrial properties. Specialists and professionals such as township and urban development planners, environmental consultants, engineers, surveyors, lawyers, property specialists and financial advisors work together to deliver a financially viable development.

Facilities Management

The services offered by our Facility Management department incorporate a variety of disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. The department helps clients and ensure legal and corporate compliance and the proper operation of all aspects of a building to create an optimal, safe and cost effective environment for the occupants to function.

Asbestos Eradication

In order to comply with legal requirements, government has embarked on a drive to eliminate asbestos used in the construction of houses and services, especially in townships due to its health risks when friable. Prana consulting offers services for the identification, preparation of quantities, removal specifications, project management, and SHE management for asbestos eradication projects.

Electrical Engineering

The services offered are holistic and include Sustainable Energy solutions, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Consulting, Infrastructure Projects Development, Process Enhancement, Waste Management Services (Energy and Recyclable Waste).